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I've been there

If there is something about me, I like traveling, I mean I really like traveling. However, my father is not Rockfeller and as a Ph.D. student, your most critical resource is MONEY. As such, I tried to optimize each of single trip as an excuse to discover new places, meet new people and see what are the dating rule around the world. What follows, some of my most memorable memories. Fasten your seat belts and let's take off. Now, you decide which destination to go

Dreams destinations

BRAZIL: best places and "chicas" in the World
Europe: Espana, Italia, France, Netherlands
USA: San Francisco, Dallas, New Orleans, NY
Africa: Morroco, Tunisia
Mexico: Yucatan, Chiapas, Acapulco

Meanwhile, let me introduce someone special: Alessandrina: "Bella, pimpante, e antropologa" which means beautiful, living, and anthropologist. She's Italian, or should I say kind of Italian. She's from the most Eastern Western European City: Trieste(Italy) She looks like an angel but she's always up to something. You can guess from her malicious smile, I guess.