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Top 10 reasons to go to Brazil (Continued)

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(6) Have the feeling of Bahia, the most African of all Brazilian Cities. Capital of Music in South America where you can hear and dance on best afro-Brazilian rhythms. Live concerts, bands, are waiting for you to fully enjoy the ride.

(7) Get hypnotized and amazed by one of the most beautiful sunsets on Earth after a tiring day on the beach drinking Caipirinha and laying on the sun.

(8) Watching a football game in the temple of "futebol" The World's largest stadium in the World, The Maracana!!!

(8) Get stunned by the unique tropical animals that you can see there, like if there were coming straight from heaven

(10) The smile of a Brazilian girl. Nothing in the world can be compared to it. Only Alessandra's is a worthwhile competitor, I guess

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