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Tunisia is a very beautiful country in the heart of the Mediterranean sea. that is worth visiting. Here is the map of this colorful and joyful place. If you want a more detailed an serious map, follow this link.

As there is no need to reinvent the wheel, below are some sites where you can have an updated and complete coverage of what's happening in Tunisia. However, I can invite you for a quick ride at my hometown: La Marsa. Admire as well traditional windows in Gammarth. I can even take you to the beautiful Sahara where the 9-Academy awards winner the "English Patient" was shot. Also in the south of Tunisia, you can find one of the most marvelous islands in the Mediterranean area. The millions of tourists who visit it will be the first to confirm that. It is called. Have a break and get rested there. these are some photos of the beautiful Djerba:

Djerba pictures
the Kasbah
the mosque

Tunisia's Financial links

Tunisian Yellow pages (the background is indeed yellow)
Invest in Tunisia
Morgan Stanley's report on Tunisia
1000 Best performing Tunisian companies in 1996 (in French)
Business & Finance Info
9th Plan of Economic Development
APIA: Tunisian Agency for the Promotion of Agricultural Investments

Tunisian newspaper and media

Tunisian news site
"La Presse", "Essahafa" and "Le temps" on line
Tunisia National Radio
Tunisian National Television

General information about Tunisia

Tunisia Tourism Guide
facts and general information about Tunisia: very concise and good coverage
World facts book on Tunisia (maintained by the CIA)
The weather in Tunisia (live reports and predictions)
History of Tunisia through Stamps
Focus web site Very fancy post-modern site

Tunisian in the Web

Collections of Tunisian WWW homepages
Postcards form Tunisia
German link apparently very interesting (among the best 5% German web sites in 1997) provided that you understand German.

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